Being Human in Healthcare Ltd


What our clients say!

Being Human in Healthcare  Ltd has worked with a number of healthcare organisations to deliver practical and relevant  Human Factors training

ICHP Train the Trainer for Maternity Teams

Multi-professional teams across the NW London ICHP area were trained to deliver a One-day Human Factors Course to colleagues

The quality of this course was great, really engaging and approachable facilitators with a lot of knowledge, experience and credibility”.
Consultant obstetrician “It’s been really good to be taught by people outside of my trust and with a variety of teaching methods. The pace was slow which is very important for me- especially with a new topic” Senior Midwife

Kings College Hospital Haematology team Human Factors for Leaders Course

The senior Haematology nursing team attended our Human Factors for Leaders course, focusing on Safety II and systems thinking.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course which was expertly co-facilitated and delivered in an extremely interesting and engaging style”.
Nurse Consultant

Nuffield Health

Human Factors for Frontline Theatre staff

Working with theatre teams to embed Human Factors across the theatre environment

“Thank you for a really informative course. I’ve gained a lot more knowledge and confidence around Human Factors”.
Staff Nurse

What Our Course Participants Say

100% of participants would recommend our courses to a colleague, read some of the positive feedback below!

“This TTT course gave me a really good basis in Human Factors in Healthcare. I left feeling enthusiastic and determined to embed what I had learned into my everyday work settings, encouraging more people to engage with the concepts so well demonstrated during the course. I look forward to teaching the one day “Human Factors in Maternity” course across Northwest London, hopefully with even a fraction of the skills displayed by Jess and Jen”.

Consultant Anesthetist
Consultant Surgeon

“I think a course like this should be mandatory for senior registrars and all new consultants. It gives such clarity about the frameworks for managing their own performance and groups of people in a safe way as well as managing the risk that we as healthcare professionals are exposed to on a daily basis. I want to get back out into clinical practice immediately and employ the principles I have learnt”

 “I was not quite sure what to expect from the day, but the course far exceeded my expectations. I left feeling very positive about my understanding and future engagement in safety issues and risk”

Nurse Consultant

Utilising the models will really help with investigating incidents, giving me a tool to use to break down the incident and provide a focus for action planning”